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Pricing & Details

Two Hour Service Minimums
Richmond City, Chesterfield and Henrico: $250
Fredericksburg and Petersburg: $300
Williamsburg and Norfolk: $325
Northern Virginia: $325
DC: $350
Additional Time May Be Added At $100 Per Hour

We require a $45 booking fee to reserve time on our schedule.

This amount is applied to the total amount due. Balances are payable by 24 hours prior to your event.


Happy birthday to you! A henna artist can transform your birthday party and take it to the next level. Typical party favors often are disposed of or lost quickly, especially at children’s parties — but henna is a lasting, enjoyable party favor everyone is sure to love. From intricate hand and palm designs to decorating the ankles and feet, our Hennafy team is ready to give your party an exciting new type of beauty.

Henna is a wonderful gift for people of all ages. Children are mesmerized by the designs, and adults can indulge in a little extra temporary flair without the commitment of a tattoo. We look forward to helping your birthday party becoming the best event of the year.

For more than a decade, lead artist and henna professional Sadia has been offering her services to people across the country. As a Top Rated Pro Artist according to Thumbtack, she takes pride in her work and the pieces our company produces. We believe our work speaks for itself. Our team is happy to welcome everyone with open arms and teach them about the best application and aftercare practices for henna. Reach out to us now to schedule your birthday party with Hennafy as your guests!


Delight your guests and create lasting memories with Hennafy! Our certified henna artists are here to apply intricate designs and patterns that will last for weeks. Whether you want to create a lasting memory at a child’s birthday party or offer a standout activity at a corporate event, we are the team to call. With affordable pricing and customizable services, Hennafy is here to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more and get started.

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