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We provide package deals to our clients who choose to have their bridal sessions completed at our location. These sessions are artist's choice designs based on your loose requests, and are perfect for the bride on the budget. Packages are created based on the coverage requested, and pricing is indicative of both hands/arms or feet/legs. Pricing is as follows:

Pricing & Details

Top of Both Hands/Arms

   Ruby Package: Above Elbow: $170.00

    Diamond Package: Elbow: $120.00

   Emerald Package: 1/2 Forearm: $100.00

    Gold Package:1/4 Forearm: $80.00

    Silver Package: Wrists: $50.00


Bottom of Both Hands/Arms

    Above Elbow: $170.00

    Elbow: $120.00

    1/2 Forearm: $100.00

    1/4 Forearm: $80.00

    Wrists: $50.00


Both Feet/Legs

    Ruby-Knees: $200.00

    Diamond-3/4 Shin: $150.00

    Emerald-1/2 Shin: $110.00

    Gold-1/4 Shin: $80.00

    Silver-Strip/Ankle: $50.00


Bridal designs wrap around the arms as appropriate. When booked with a bridal party, our flat rate of $100.00 per hour applies to your guests.

We may offer group discount if you book our service for both bridal and sangeet/ mehendi events

Bridal sessions are best completed two days prior to your wedding date. Please reach out to us directly to confirm availability for your bridal session.

Weddings are a transition from one phase of your life to the next. Bring this celebration and ceremony to the next level with henna from Hennafy. Whether you would like your bridal party to be adorned in matching henna or you just want a henna station for a memorable wedding reception, we can make that happen. Simply let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll do the rest.

Weddings bring tradition to life. They introduce the old ways to the new. Henna is an ancient tradition, and now, you can bring it to your wedding. This plant can create magnificent temporary tattoos on any person, from your flower girl to your great grandmother. When you hire a henna artist for your wedding, you are providing your guests a chance to embrace a new form of beauty.

At Hennafy, we believe in using quality henna products while providing the best possible cost for our services. We promise to provide stunning results that are easily photographable and visually pleasing. As a Thumbtack Top Rated Pro Artist, our owner Sadia knows how to provide incredible designs you’ll want to show off to the world. Reach out to our team now to schedule your henna service. We do bridal parties and receptions!

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