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Frequestly Asked Question

  • Is Henna Black?

Henna is never black. It always stains burgundy brownish tone. There's a safe alternative to black henna is called Jagua.

  • What is Jagua?

Jagua ( scientific name Genipa americana) is a tropical fruit. It derive from berry family. The fruit is close to the size of an orange. It is found in the deepest areas of Amazon forest in Brazil. It stains blackish bluish tone and lasts for 2/3 weeks.

  • How long Henna/Jagua lasts?

Henna is a permanent dye. Due to exfoliation on our skins Henna stains fade away. Typically Henna and jagua both lasts between 2/3 weeks. Excessive exfoliation, washing hands or using alcohol based products can dry your skin and ultimately cause your henna to fade earlier. Chlorine water (pool) can also makes your henna fades away faster.

  • How can I make my henna stay for a long time?

Avoid washing your hands right after your Henna comes off. Keep your henna at least for 8/10 hours and spray lemon sugar solution every hour. after the paste removal do not wash your hands for another 8 hours. Following these steps will help your henna to get darker and lasts longer. Your organic Henna stain will start light orangish stain and will transform to deep burgundy brown stain over the time period. Typically between 36-48 hours you will see the darkest possible stains. 

This tips is only for Organic Henna (brown stain. Jagua has a different instruction to follow.


  • How to take care of Jagua Henna stain?



Jagua is a very vibrant stain so you have to be careful about smearing your designs. If you smeared it accidentally no matter what you do that smeared stain will always show up. So, staying still while your Jagua gel is getting dry is very important. It only takes between 2-3 hours of soaking process. after 3 hours wash your hands thoroughly in lukewarm water. It starts like a very faint traces but you will see significant color change after the 12th hour of paste removal. It will take up 36 hours to color to reach the peak stain.

  • What preparation should I follow before my appointment?

All henna appointments start with cleanliness. Please do not use any lotion, oil or makeup in your skin where Henna will be applied.


Also have your personal belongings handy to you.


If you are getting your both hands or feet or any 'back' designs done then have some one who can help you drive the car. Otherwise you may have to wait for a longer period of time, which may go over your designated time period that you have booked for. 

If too many designs are complicated in one session then we can always set up a different date/ time for rest.

  • What is BLACK HENNA? Why it is dangerous?

Black henna is a chemical based paste which can be deadly. A lot of the time this paste is made from ingredients that is used in Hair Dye. Most Henna products finding in international store, grocery store or other places are not made of natural ingredients. Henna is perishable so it can not survive and has no shelf life. It has to be put away in the freezer to keep it fresh for months. 

We advise our clients to ask artists about their ingredients or how they make the paste. Professional henna artists only make their own paste from natural ingredients only.

  • What ingredients do you use in your henna paste?

I only use highest grade quality organic Henna powder from India and Pakistan. I mix therm with water, sugar and safest grade essential oil blends (sweet orange, lavender and Cajeput). Sometimes I use eucalyptus but people with allergies and eczemas are encourage to avoid it. 

  • Can you be allergic to Jagua?

Both Henna and Jagua are carefully made from natural ingredient only. However in rare cases some may be allergic to them. For instance, if you are allergic to berries then please avoid Jagua. You can do a consultation over the phone or in person to test out the products before you get a bigger piece of design on your body. 


We highly recommend our brides to set up our one-on-one consultation (It's not free) before your Big day to try out different options.  

​{Hennafy is fully insured and we only use organic ingredients. We can not use any other materials besides our henna products to perform our duty. Please do not ask us to use your henna cones. Our insurance will not cover anything relate to your products as the ingredients are unknown}

Studio Tour

We are currently accommodating our clients from our in home studio. We can have up to 5 guests at a time inside of our studio. We are working on having a bigger area to have more options for larger groups. Children may come with their parent and may get henna designs with parent's permission. 
Inside of our studio you will be able to see our 'Featured Products Wall'. Besides Henna we have unique Jewelries, Clothings and Home Decor Items. You can choose from already made items or you may request to personalized it for gifts.

Health & Wellness/ Medication

Please inform us if you have any form of coughing, fever, rash, allergies or if you are currently on any medication. We will not be responsible for any health condition that you have not disclose with us.
If you have any health condition that you are not sure about please inform your doctor and ask about your Henna/Jagua concerns. Our safety is in our hands. We appreciate your cooperations to keep Hennafy Studio a safe place for your artist and our clients. Please be advised and get fully prepared before your appointment. 
Allergies/ Eczema:
If you have any known allergies then you should disclose it to us prior to your appointment. We can recommend you to come for a consultation/ patch test to see if they have any reactions. We have not get any issues reported due to allergies from henna. A few Jagua artists have reported that Jagua may cause allergies to people who have known allergies to berry/ tropical fruits. 


Please inform us with your Health Conditions prior arrival:

We encourage you to measure your safety according to the CDC guideline for Pandemic/ any other health concerns. It is advised that you let Hennafy Studio know if you have any flu, fever, cold, skin disease or any other severe disease before your appointment. Also if you are on any medication that may impact any health concerns then we need to know that as well.  

Returns, Refunds & Exchange:

We are not offering any refunds or returns or exchanges for any of our Henna services, Henna products or any other retail/handmade goods. If any disappointments happens from our end then we will take necessary steps to resolve the issue. 

Late & Tardiness:

Once you set up your appointment we expect you to be on time during your appointment date. We are not responsible for your loss time due to your lateness. If anyone missed their appointment once we gave them the opportunity to make up that schedule for another date and of they missed that day then we might not be able to provide you services for next time. 

we all are human and things may come on our way so if you have any. emergency please inform us beforehand to make any adjustments.

Deposit/ Payment Prior Appointment:

From 2021 all our services are required to be paid in full prior your arrival to our studio. We are committed to provide you stress-free quality service and in order to provide you the best service we need the payment to be out of your way.​

If your service required to have a deposit then please pay your deposit according to your agreement.

Payment Options:

We take payments by debit/credit card (no master card), Cash, Apple pay, Zelle, Venmo and Cash app. We do not take money orders or Personal checks.

Henna Stain Process:

Great quality henna stain depends a lot on the aftercare. It is your responsibility to follow the aftercare provided by us. We offer both jagua and henna services. If you are looking for high quality staining results then you should choose Jagua over henna. Both henna and Jagua can give you great staining results if you follow the aftercare carefully. We personally recommends clients to go for Jagua if they are looking for bolder stain results with shorter care time. Henna pastes requires 8-12 hours keeping period then 12 hours 'no water contact' post removal; while jagua needs 3 hours keeping period and you are required to wash your jagua stains to get the best results.

We make our own pastes and we only use natural ingredients to make our high quality paste. We outsource jagua from certified distributor who maintains and follow FDA guidelines.

Privacy Protection & Personal Information:

We do not sell, rent or share any of your personal information with anyone else. We only use this information to provide you the best services. We use trusted third party company to process your payment information for example, Cash app, Venmo, Square, Zelle etc. We may use cookies and also collect other information such as your country and location, interests etc. You may also sign up to receive emails regarding updates and promotional offers on new products/ events. You may also opt out at any time.

Rates/ Hourly Charges:

Hennafy Studio/ Hennafy LLC have the full ability to change any prices or rates of their services or products at anytime. It can change anytime. It might be disclosed on social media or disclosed to clients but it can happen anytime unless we mentioned otherwise.

[In this website I, we, our & us is referred to Hennafy, Hennafy LLC or Hennafy Studio.
Also, you & your etc. also referred to the visitor who visits or]
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