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Services (In Details)

  • Individual Henna (15 Minutes Session): $45+  


     This is appointment allows you have unlimited henna fun for fifteen minutes. This will allow us to relax and chat while getting your one hand or one foot done. There will be $12 extra for Jagua upgrade (use the link to go to the booking section)

  • Individual  Henna (20 Minutes Sessions) : $50+ 

      Typically in 20 minutes, you can either get a simple floral or geometrical/tribal or a fusion style (mix of styles) henna from one finger to your wrist and little on the tips.

There will $12 extra upgrade for Jagua (use the link below)

  • Individual  Henna Session (30 Minutes) : $60+

     For 30 minutes you can get simple one finger to wrist design for both hands or simple 5-inch circular henna on both feet or one hand fuller design with all finger to 1 inch below to wrist.$12 extra for Jagua upgrade (use the link below).

  • Individual Session (45 Minutes) : $90+


      For 45 minutes you will get more time to do henna for both hands or both feet. Or you can choose to do one simple leg or one hand up to mid arm. Jagua upgrade will be $12 as well.

  • Individual Hourly Session (60 Minutes): $135+



    For an hour we will have more time and freedom to make complex designs either for both hands up to forearm or one hand fuller design up to elbow or both feet with fingertips or a sexy lace back design or a lace style leg design.

  • Deposit For Parties/Corporate/Bridal: $55


      Your deposited amount will be adjusted to your original invoice and we will send you another link to pay the rest of the balance before the event.Typically all events required to book for 2 hours or more of hourly services.Travel rate will apply accordingly for Northern Virginia, Southern Virginia, D.C and Maryland areas.

  • Prenatal Henna Belly (55 Minutes) : $150

      This is the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones on their special journey as a mother.  We recommend you to set up an appointment during 28 and 32 weeks of your pregnancy. A lot of new mom book their prenatal photography session after the seven months of pregnancy and adding henna before your session will not only adorn your belly but also create a beautiful memory for the new angel who is coming to this world. In special cases we will be happy to do your prenatal belly after 32 weeks during pregnancy. We only use the safest grade of essential oils and other ingredients to make our safest natural paste especially for our soon to be mommies.

  • Birthday Party Henna (2 Hours of service) : $275


     Henna is a perfect addition to your beautiful event not only to adorn your guests but also engaging them to a little activity. In two hours we can do 15 mid size designs and 25 small designs. If you we have time we typically go another round to add more henna for your guests until we reach out timeline.


[RVA metro areas- travel fees included, Other areas will be based on $.95 per mileage]

  • Simple Bridal Style Henna (All fingers up to wrists) : $145

        This is a great package for bridal shower or engagement henna. You can also choose this package for marriage anniversary or Kaurachauth or Eid henna. You design will be full hands, both front and back of the hands. Feet options are separate.

  • Bridal Henna (Gold Package): $200

        This henna design is perfect for brides who believe less is more. This design will be just two inches below the wrist both front and back of the hands. I previously had brides wit lots of bangles and their henna don't show because of the bangles. So, this is a perfect solution for those brides. Also, it has a great economic value. Feet options are separate.

  • Bridal Henna (Diamond Package): $320

      This style is great for brides who wants designs more focus on the 3/4 sleeve length both front and the back of the hands. The henna design will be just up to the forearm.  A lot of bride prefer this who are wearing long sleeve dress on their 'Big Day'. Please add the feet options separately.

  • Bridal Henna (Emerald Package): $395

        On semi gorgeous bridal henna is for brides who wants henna just up to the elbow. Typically designs are fuller and you may request for custom made design at no extra cost. This is one of the popular package that most bride choose for.  Please check out feet options to add on the package.

  • Bridal Henna (Ruby Package): $475

        This package is for brides, who want fuller design little above the elbows and completely filled with intricate design both front and back. We also have custom design choice at no extra cost with this package. (Feet options are separate)

  • Bridal Feet (Stripe Designs): $100

        This is for brides who wants something simple beautiful to adorn their feet on their bridal day. Design will either mandala in middle of the feet and little on their toes or from tow to across ankle like stripe design. We have more feet options available. Click the link below to see the options. 

There's couple other options available based in design and length (between $100-$250 range)

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